Shrinking foil: from wrapping scaffolds to the protection of boats


Shrink-wrap: from weatherproofing projects to protecting objects during transport

To protect your valuable objects is without a doubt very important to you. We at De Krimpers feelthe same way! We will protect your objects by wrapping them with a protective layer of shrink-wrap. Shrink-wrap is a material made up of polymer plastic, with a unique quality. When heat isapplied the wrap will shrink tightly over the object it’s covering, making it an excellent product touse in wrapping boats, machinery, scaffolds and other objects. This way your object will beprotected during transport or storage.


Boat transport without risksBoat transport without risks

When transporting your boat or yacht, you want to be ensured that your vessel is well protected.During transportation your vessel can be damaged by factors such as dust, dirt contamination andflicked up stones. By shrink-wrapping a boat you are ensured that the vessel arrives at thedestination in the exact same condition it left in.


Protecting and transporting valuable objectsProtecting and transporting valuable objects

Besides boats or yachts other objects such as agricultural machinery or industrial machinery canbe damaged during transporting or storage. Shrink-wrap creates a strong and durable cover whichkeeps machinery, equipement and assets protected against bad weather conditions, theft andvandalism. If needed we can provide a watertight zipper door to ensure acces.

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